A long- term comparative study of Uphold TM mesh against Anterior Colporrhaphy
IUGA Academy. Gillor M. Jun 30, 2018; 212956; 428 Topic: Sexual Dysfunction
Dr. Moshe Gillor
Dr. Moshe Gillor

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A case series of patients treated with a VY advancement with or without ZZ plasty for superficial dyspareunia

Nightingale, G1; Olujide, L1; Muzaffar, S1

1: Royal Hampshire County Hospital, Winchester, UK

Introduction: Superficial dyspareunia secondary to a tight band of skin at the introitus can have a significant impact on women. Those still suffering once breastfeeding has ceased and those that are more than a year post delivery often seek help. Traditionally a Fenton’s procedure has been done to widen the vaginal opening. We adopted a new approach to treating these women 18 months ago using a VY advancement with or without ZZ plasty. This technique was originally used by plastic surgeons but is being adapted and used for other areas where skin is scarred or contracted. We present a case series of patients since the technique was started in our unit.

Objectives: To identify complications and assess outcome in patients having a VY advancement with or without a ZZ plasty for superficial dyspareunia.

Methods:Theatre diaries were used to identify patients having had a VY advancement with or without ZZ plasty over the past 18 months. Operation notes and clinic letters were then reviewed. Data was collated and analysed in Excel.

Results: 14 patients were identified over an 18 month time frame. All patients had superficial dyspareunia and were found to have a tight band of skin at the vaginal forchette which split on examination. No complications were noted and 100% patients were happy with the procedure and results. No patients reported skin splitting during follow up and non was seen on post operative examination. 50% had already had sexual intercourse without any concerns and the remaining patients were waiting until their follow up appointment. All patients would recommend the operation to a friend.

Conclusions: A VY advancement with or without a ZZ plasty is an effective way of treating superficial dyspareunia. No complications were recorded in this case series and all patients were happy with the result and would recommend it to a friend.


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