Risk factors for the failure of iliococcygeus suspension for apical vaginal prolapse
IUGA Academy, Sejin Kim, 212782
Cost-effectiveness of mirabegron and tolterodine for the treatment of overactive bladder in Japan - Which drug is more cost-effective if used as the first-line treatment?
IUGA Academy, Yuriko Yamanishi, 212783
Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder-Case Report-Review Of The Literature
IUGA Academy, Omer Demir, 212784
Pelvic floor muscle reflex activity during drop-landings and mini-trampolining - an exploratory study
IUGA Academy, Helena Luginbuehl, 212802
Pelvic floor muscle activity during fast voluntary contractions in continent and incontinent women
IUGA Academy, Monika Leitner, 212803
The efficacy of Modified Viennese Manual Perineal Protection (VMPP) versus Conventional Technique in Perineal Protection at Second Stage of Labour
IUGA Academy, Zalina Nusee, 212804
Pelvic floor muscle training and KAATSU for women with stress urinary incontinence
IUGA Academy, Ulla Due, 212818
Correlation between the thickness of the Urethrovaginal Space and Female Sexual Function Index
IUGA Academy, MURAT YASSA, 212819
The risk factors of occult obstetric anal sphincter injuries in a sample of primigravid women with uncomplicated term pregnancy
IUGA Academy, MURAT YASSA, 212820
Obstetric anal sphincter injuries: a survey on clinical practices and knowledge amongst midwives and residents
IUGA Academy, Kai Lyn Ng, 212834
Anatomical Comparison in Patients with Prolapsus Pelvic Organs Post Total Vaginal Hysterectomy With or Without Fixation Sacrospinous ligament
IUGA Academy, Amir Fauzi, 212835
Efficacy of Vaginal and Laparoscopic Sacrocolpopexy (VLSC), a Dual Approach to Utero-vaginal Prolapse, Compared with Laparoscopic Sacrocolpopexy (LSC) Alone
IUGA Academy, Ariel Aharoni, 212836
Site-specific repair of posterior vaginal wall prolapse: Long term efficacy
IUGA Academy, Jeffrey Schachar, 212851
Impact of posterior biologic grafts at the time of posterior colporrhaphy: Focus on posterior vaginal recurrence rates
IUGA Academy, Jeffrey Schachar, 212852
Quality of Life, Sexuality, Absence of Erosion after Implantation of an Improved Titanised Polypropylene Mesh after 12-Month-Follow-up
IUGA Academy, Christian Fünfgeld, 212853
Is 2D-ultrasound a reliable method for measurement of pelvic floor muscle contraction?
IUGA Academy, Maria Nyhus, 212869
Vaginal microcirculation to objectify wound healing after vaginal surgery
IUGA Academy, Arnoud Kastelein, 212870
Correlation between Anterior Vaginal Wall Prolapse and Parameters of Urethral Pressure Profile
IUGA Academy, Gin-Den Chen, 212871
Novel zinc containing vaginal moisturizer gel (JUVIA) improves postmenopausal vulvovaginal symptoms
IUGA Academy, Bence Kozma, 212884
The effects of fractional CO2 laser treatment on the symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunctions and vulvovaginal atrophy
IUGA Academy, Bence Kozma, 212885
Fractional CO2 laser treatment significantly increases vaginal fluid zinc and copper level
IUGA Academy, Bence Kozma, 212886
How Does Fistula Repair Affect Mental State of Japanese Patients with Vesicovaginal Fistula?
IUGA Academy, Akiko Fujisaki, 212887
6 Cases of De Novo Stress Urinary Incontinence after Single-Incision Laparoscopic Sacrocolpopexy: a Retrospective Analysis
IUGA Academy, Juan Liu, 212900
Predictors of Voiding Dysfunction following Uphold Mesh Repair for the Treatment of Pelvic Organ Prolapse
IUGA Academy, LOO ZIXI, 212901
A trial for the hybrid operation of anterior vaginal wall repair with trans-vaginal minimal mesh and posterior vaginal wall repair with dermis harvested from lateroabdominal skin
IUGA Academy, Masami Takeyama, 212902
Eight-year experience with polyacrylamide hydrogel (Bulkamid®) treatment of urinary incontinence: Are patients outcomes improved with operator experience and a balanced informed patient choice as first line treatment option?
IUGA Academy, Samarah Faik, 212903
Risk Factors Scoring System as Predictor Model in Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injury
IUGA Academy, Arufiadi Anityo Mochtar, 212916
Incidence of lower urinary tract dysfunctions in diabetic patients placed on the waiting list for a combined kidney and pancreas transplantation and their relationship to the severity of diabetes mellitus
IUGA Academy, Jan Mokriš, 212917
Müllerian vaginal cyst mimicking pelvic organ prolapse
IUGA Academy, Aude Nessi, 212918
Real Time Ultrasound based functional assessment of the deep lateral abdominal muscles. An intra-tester and test-re-test reliability study - Pilotstudy
IUGA Academy, Barbara Goedl-Purrer, 212919
Necrotizing fasciitis complicating transobturator tape operation
IUGA Academy, Cenk Yasa, 212933
Development of dysuria with secondary amenorrhea in young women as a result of anorexia
IUGA Academy, Nataliia Shelkovnikova Shelkovnikova, 212934
Prevalence and Risk Factors of Pelvic Organ Prolapse Among Women at Risk For Metabolic Syndrome in Southern Philippines Medical Center
IUGA Academy, Andrea Kristina Baliton-Veliganio, 212935
Characterization of patients with previous history of burch colposuspension who attend to uro-gynecology unit
IUGA Academy, Javier Pizarro-Berdichevsky, 212936
The effect of percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation on sexual function: A systematic review and meta-analysis
IUGA Academy, Victoria Kershaw, 212950
Do they, or don't do they - enterostomy and continence consultants self-assessing the integration of sexual health issues in diastase-management at the annual national meeting
IUGA Academy, Lucia Ucsnik, 212951
Displaced Intrauterine Device with Rectal Perforation: A Practical and Novel Approach of Removal
IUGA Academy, Mary Rani Cadiz, 212952
Bowel symptoms after pelvic reconstructive surgery
IUGA Academy, Eun-Hee Yoo, 212953
Does mobility of the bladder neck affect the choice of the sling and the outcome? retrospective cohort study
IUGA Academy, Kamil Švabík, 212967
Transvaginal treatment of anterior and apical genital prolapse using an ultra light weight mesh : RESTORELLE® Direct Fix. A 12 M follow up
IUGA Academy, Anne Gauthier, 212968
Effect of imipramine on urethral opening pressure - a randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled crossover study in healthy women
IUGA Academy, Niels Klarskov, 212969
Biomechanical mapping of the female pelvic floor before and after prolapse surgery
IUGA Academy, S. Abbas Shobeiri, 212970
Vaginal Hysterectomy - Has it had its day?
IUGA Academy, Orfhlaith E O'Sullivan, 212983
Demographic Changes and Effects on the Mode of Delivery. A retrospective Analysis of a large Birth Registry containing 27,786 Singleton Deliveries in a Level I Center
IUGA Academy, Markus Huebner, 212984
General outcome, patient satisfaction and lower urinary tract symptoms 5 years after vaginal native tissue repair with hysterectomy for pelvic organ prolapse repair
IUGA Academy, Cosima Kemmether, 212985
Factors Affecting the Period Between the First and Second Hydrodistension in Females with Painful Bladder Syndrome and Interstitial Cystitis
IUGA Academy, Jeong Zoo Lee, 212986
Do we need Motivational Interviewing in Physical Pelvic Pain Therapy? Reasons to improve communication in order to make physical therapy interventions for persistent pelvic pain more acceptable and efficient
IUGA Academy, Heidi Halbedl, 212999
Early transperineal ultrasound to predict success rates in women undergoing mid-urethral sling surgery
IUGA Academy, Felipe Andreoli, 213000
Repeat mid-urethral sling for the management of recurrent or persistent female stress urinary incontinence
IUGA Academy, Jocelyn Stern, 213001
Sand-wich technique: a new way to standardize the tape adjustment at the moment of retropubic surgical procedure
IUGA Academy, Felipe Andreoli, 213002
Is it possible to predict surgical indication for pelvic organ prolapse prior to physical examination?
IUGA Academy, Marco Soligo, 213016
Psychometric validation of the Italian electronic Personal Assessment Questionnaire (I.ePAQ): the Vaginal Section
IUGA Academy, Marco Soligo, 213017
Pathophysiological signals in the urine of Diabetics from a tertiary LUTS clinic, routine outpatient diabetic clinic and controls
IUGA Academy, Sheela Swamy, 213018
Effect of rehabilitation with a Medilady device on pelvic floor function
IUGA Academy, Iva Urbankova, 213019
Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) surgery : native tissue repair vs prosthetic surgery. Compared outcomes
IUGA Academy, Giuseppe Ettore, 213032
Urinary incontinence and quality of life in female patients with obesity
Vaginal cones for perineal strengthening and treatment of stress urinary incontinence in women
Pelvic Floor Relaxation Using Vaginal Dilators in the Treatment of Genitopelvic Pain/Penetration Disorder (Vaginismus)
IUGA Academy, FUNDA GÜNGÖR, 213035
Hydrodissection of the retro-pubic space with infiltration prior to retro-pubic mid-urethral tension free tape insertion
IUGA Academy, Visha Tailor, 213049
Vaginal hysterectomy and McCall culdoplasty in women with stage III uterine prolapse. 5 years follow-up
IUGA Academy, Themistoklis Mikos, 213050
Satisfaction rates 10 years after trans-obturator vaginal tape
IUGA Academy, Themistoklis Mikos, 213051
Quantitative assessment of urethral vascularity in the first trimester of pregnancy
IUGA Academy, Ahmet Yeniel, 213052
Burch colposuspension and the retropubic mid-urethral sling for the treatment of female urinary incontinence
IUGA Academy, Rocio Villegas, 213065
Outcomes of transvaginal high uterosacral vault suspension for apical prolapse repair: A comparative study between unilateral and bilateral fixation
IUGA Academy, Pattaya Hengrasmee, 213066
Changes in collagen tissue matrix in association with pelvic organ prolapse staging
IUGA Academy, Svjetlana Lozo, 213067
Vaginoplasty by using in mayor-rokitansky-kuster-hauser syndrome
IUGA Academy, Cynthia Ileana Infante Melendez, 213068
The novel three-compartment hybrid repair of advanced vaginal vault prolapse
IUGA Academy, Nikita Kubin, 213245
Management of anterior vaginal prolapse with enterocele after radical cystectomy
IUGA Academy, jianliu wang, 213259
Modification of layered technique in traumatic cloaca
IUGA Academy, Karishma Thariani, 213260
Adjustable midurethral sling as a routine procedure for uncomplicated stress urinary incontinence
IUGA Academy, Olga Staroseltseva, 213261
Laparoscopic Mesh Removal for Post-operative Severe Pelvic Pain of Sacrocolpopexy: A Video Report
IUGA Academy, Yiqin Wang, 213262
Video of Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injuries (OASIs) Identification and Repair - Tips and Tricks!
IUGA Academy, Annika Taithongchai, 213276
Video of a secondary anal sphincter repair and perineal reconstruction following breakdown of a primary repair
IUGA Academy, Annika Taithongchai, 213277
Vaginal mesh for prolapse: natural history of success and failure. A prospective long-term follow-up of 135 implants
IUGA Academy, Nicola Dykes, 218825
The association between levator ani muscle trauma with sexual dysfunction, marital disharmony and psychiatric morbidities
IUGA Academy, Zawani Zakaria, 218826
Mini state of the art lecture - Overactive pelvic floor & sexual dysfunction
IUGA Academy, Anna Padoa, 219309
Circulating matrix metalloproteinases and their tissue inhibitors as markers for ethnic differences in pelvic floor tissue integrity
IUGA Academy, Diaa Rizk, 213072
Pelvic floor muscle activity during jumps in continent and incontinent women: An exploratory study
IUGA Academy, Helene Moser, 213074
Sexual disturbance in women with OAB
IUGA Academy, rainer lange, 213075
Hysterectomy adversely affects bladder funcion in the future
IUGA Academy, Tokumasa Hayashi, 213086
Clinical management of 110 cases of polypropylene mesh and sling exposure after pelvic floor surgery
IUGA Academy, Ke Niu, 213088
First-line treatment of pelvic organ prolapse
IUGA Academy, Karin Glavind, 213089
MRI analysis of the musculo-fascial component of pelvic floor in women before planned vaginal reconstruction procedure for symptomatic pelvic organ prolapse
IUGA Academy, Lukas Horcicka, 213091
Botulinum Toxin. It's not what you do, it's the way that you do it
IUGA Academy, Richard Flint, 213103
Mobile App increases the adherence of pelvic floor muscles training for women with urinary incontinence
IUGA Academy, Cassia Juliato, 213104
Pelvic floor muscle training for female stress urinary incontinence: a randomized control trial comparing home and outpatient training
IUGA Academy, Fatima Fitz, 213105
A novel wearable, intravaginal device for continuous neuromodulatory treatment of overactive bladder
IUGA Academy, Suzette Sutherland, 213106
Laparoscopic Removal of Mid-urethral Sling Mesh for Chronic Pain: Feasibility and Long-Term Outcomes
IUGA Academy, Rufus Cartwright, 213107
Continence outcomes in pelvic organ prolapse surgery
IUGA Academy, Kaven Baessler, 213119
Laparoscopic Sacral Colpopexy: A Retrospective Analysis of the Subjective and Objective Outcome in 898 Cases
IUGA Academy, Yugo Sawada, 213120
Long-term pelvic floor symptoms, recurrence, satisfaction and regret following colpocleisis
IUGA Academy, Nabila Noor, 213123
Performance and outcome of sacrospinous ligament fixation: A 5-year review
IUGA Academy, Kazila Bhutia, 213124
No Increased Risk of Clean Intermittent Catheterization With OnabotulinumtoxinA Retreatment in Female Patients With Overactive Bladder Syndrome: Pooled Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials
IUGA Academy, Dudley Robinson, 213134
Finite element model focused on stress distribution in the levator ani muscle during vaginal delivery - effects of fetal head molding
IUGA Academy, Ladislav Krofta, 213135
Experience of Complications Requiring Surgical Corrections Among 982 Cases of Mid-Urethral Sling surgeries
IUGA Academy, Jeong Zoo Lee, 213137
Microablative Fractional CO2-laser for the management of Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause. A placebo controlled histopathogical pilot study
IUGA Academy, Eleni Pitsouni, 213138
Survey of IUGA members on the use of topical oestrogen in the pessary management of pelvic organ prolapse
IUGA Academy, Annika Taithongchai, 213139
A review of mobile voiding diary apps: content and functionality features
IUGA Academy, Natalie Alves Vaccari, 213150
Transplantation of induced neural stem cells to promote the regeneration of anterior vaginal wall innervation
IUGA Academy, Yuxin Dai, 213151
Transcutaneous tibial nerve electrical stimulation combined with transvaginal electrical stimulation in the treatment of overactive bladder syndrome: a blind randomized clinical trial
IUGA Academy, Elizabeth Ferreira, 213154

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